Cheap City

Cheap City's Most Wanted


The Cheap City Department of Public Safety has released the names or known names of its most wanted criminals. Citizens are warned not to approach any of them if sighted. Call the police immediately. Tips, information, and sightings can be sent to

1.) Any members of The Fructose Four - wanted for the armed robbery of multiple candy stores throughout the city. Most recently the Killbuck Sweet Shoppe was looted while the owner (name withheld) was tortured. The gang refers to their hideout as The Sugar Shack. The Fructose Four have abandoned traditional graffiti tags and instead scatter bleached flour on the ground. Citizens are advised to avoid candy stores at night until The Fructose Four have been arrested.

2.) Nervous Ashers - wanted for the destruction of the Cheap City Clock Company. Is known to smoke cigarettes while shaking violently. Has diamond earrings. More information here.