Cheap City




Formed in 2018 C.E. (Cheap Era), the Cheap City Cultural Ambassadors seek to present a musical interpretation of the city at large. September’s Clocktower Broke documented the rise and fall of the Cheap City Clock Company and was followed by a northeast tour of the United States. In April 2019 Cheap City released Rats and Rascals which documented in part the rise of the Fructose Four, a gang known for holding up local candy stores. Cheap City’s brand of disco meets punk meets history has been described as “Fugazi writing a disco record.” The band rehearses in Holyoke, MA but insists that they are from Cheap City.

RIYL: Foxy Shazam, Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Frank Zappa, The Talking Heads


“A genre-bending masterpiece.” - No Show Magazine

“…a breath of fresh air to indie music…Cheap City are a band that has found their own voice…This is an album that will stay on repeat.” - Floorshime Zipper Boots

“…more experimental and brilliant than ever before. Cheap City is best described as dance-infused Zappa rock with a tinge of baroque, topped with a heaping pile of what can only be called “dark theater metal” - and it couldn’t be more of a pleasing treat for the ears…It would be well advised to see these folks live.” - No Show Magazine

“…a night of punk music that seems to have stumbled its way into a disco that shares retail space with the glockenspiel shop (seriously, Cheap City’s 2019 album Rats and Rascals is one of [the] most unique rock releases of the year” - Creative Loafing Tampa